Yellow dog

During the Great Anniversary, the waters of Luoyang River in Luoyang, the capital of the gods, skyrocketed. The Luohe Wharf inundated hundreds of merchant ships in various states. The floods destroyed the dams on both sides of the strait. The people were displaced and the corpses were scattered. The gods that had prospered in the past are now in a depression. Wu Zetian ordered Tong Fengge, Taiping Ping, and Di Renjie, the Prime Minister of God, to do everything, and Di Renjie rushed daily in the streets of Ducheng, to treat the sick, severely punish the evil spirits, and crack down on the unscrupulous profiteers, so that although God was robbed by this day, it was not Chaos.

One day, Di Gong and his entourage went to the right of the Tuen Mun. The Du Gong, who had been working hard for a long time, sat in the car and was only listening to the noisy ears. He only heard the sound of the soldiers who were driving the road, and could not help but open the curtain. Road. “What is it?”

“Returning to the grown-up” Ma Rong immediately leaned down. “It’s a yellow dog squatting in the street to block the way. The soldiers will not leave if they drive away. The adults are less stunned, waiting for me to clean up the beast, my brothers and I at night. Also have a drink!”

“And slow.” Di Gong has always reborn, “All things are spiritual, don’t hurt it, just leave it.”

“Yes, adults.”

Ma Ronggang had to go, but he saw that the yellow dog glided over several sticks of soldiers and drilled through the horse of Qiao Tai and rushed to the front of the Di Gong sedan. A pair of big eyes looked at Di Gongkou. Holding a thing, “呜呜” screams.

“Good animal!” Qiao Tai is going to fight

“Slow!” Di Gong raised his hand and stopped Qiao Tai. “You see the thing in this dog’s mouth! It’s like the corner of the blood coat!”

Di Gong walked out of the sedan chair and stretched his hand to the mouth of the yellow dog.

“Adults are careful, and now they are all over the place. This wild dog is afraid of hunger, and adults must not be hurt by this animal!”

“Don’t guard against it!” Di Gong waved his hand and gently pulled the corner from the yellow dog’s mouth. The yellow dog sighed slowly toward Di Gong, but his eyes were already tearful.

“Jiao Tai, Ma Rong, you see, this is a good Jiangnan silk, light and slippery, woven into a moiré, can also wear such a clothing should be the middle of the home. But now it is by the dog A corner of the blood stain, I am afraid that the person wearing him is too fierce!” Di Gong lowered his head and sighed softly. “Dog, you are the master of your car today?”

“Wang Hao!” Hearing this, the yellow dog stood up and screamed at the mouth of Di Gong’s clothes. Ma Rong came up and wanted to fight but was stopped by Di Gong.

“Dog, do you want me to wait for you?”

The yellow dog loosened his mouth and shook his head and tail. Ma Rong, Qiao Tai and a soldier looked amazed.

Everyone followed the yellow dog and left the street to the right door. On the winding road, the end of the road turned out to be a bank on the Luohe River. The river was stranded with a riddled hole hit by the wind and waves. The boat, lying on the shore of the grass, a man with a face down, the yellow dog ran over and squatted, tears.

The deceased was dressed as a businessman, and the clothes were already defiled. He squatted down in the grass with his head down. His head was knocked into a hole and his blood was flowing. A bloody paddle was thrown aside.

“I thought that the owner of the yellow dog was unfortunately killed in this flood. The yellow dog was hit by a stick and tried to collect the body for the master. But now it seems that it is the master!” Di Gong sighs This person should be killed in the water after he got ashore, but he was killed by people! He escaped from natural disasters but avoided man-made disasters!”

“Look at his injury, this person should be on the shore and ready to go on a small road, and at this time someone is behind…” Ma Rong made a gesture with a paddle.

“At the same time, he searched his belongings. The most likely danger of a merchant doing business is that he was robbed of money.” Qiaotai said, he is checking the body with him. “There is nothing in this person. It should be taken.” gone!”

“If this person loses money in the flood, he may not have this disaster.” Di Gong took a hand and stood on the shore and looked carefully at the boat that was wearing a hundred holes. “He was the same ship. The person killed.”

“But how do adults know that the people who killed him were the same people instead of being robbed by people here after they landed? It is not without this possibility.”

“Jiao Tai, Ma Rong, you two came to see the boat. The boat was mottled and damaged by the water. It was obviously a struggle in this big water. There are two kinds of boots in the boat. The dog’s paw print, apparently there were two people and one dog staying on the boat. It is possible that the businessman had no intention of revealing the gold and silver in the busyness of the flood, but when the water escaped, it was safely diagnosed by the second. People kill, you see the footprints on the shore one after the other, the big ones are merchants, the small ones are followed, the grass stops, the merchants stop here, only the small footprints are on the path, and The footprints of the dogs around the body were all, obviously the dog saw the owner fell down and panicked before running, and then finally realized that the owner was unpredictable and came to the cloak for the main person, also known as the righteous dog. !what一-“

“What kind of dog, if it is a righteous dog, you should swear to protect the Lord!” Ma Rong muttered.

“Adult, what did you find?” Among the two guards, Rao was Qiaotai’s thoughtful, and he said that Di Gong took the piece of cloth and the body and asked.

“Ma Rong, you are licking this dog. It is indeed a swearing lord, because this blood cloth is not on this businessman. The merchant’s clothes are stained by water but not pulled off in such a shape. Although the pattern is similar but the pattern is different, the piece of cloth should be the clothes worn by the murderer, and he may have been bitten by a dog.”

“Oh, you are also real!” Ma Rong grinned and took a picture of the yellow dog’s head.

“Then how do we find the murderer? Adult, he has fled, it is hard to find him from the sea, we can’t let the yellow dog go to the gods to recognize people!”

“Of course not, human nature is always greedy, we only need a small trap, but just in case, Ma Rong, immediately went to the medical hall, drug shop to ask if there is such a dog bitten, wearing a cloud The victims of the silk coat come to seek medical treatment.”

“Yes, let’s do this!”

On the following day, the government issued a notice to attract passers-by to stop watching and talk about it. Several sour shows were shaking their heads and explaining to the onlookers.

“When Di Ge said that a corpse was found on the banks of the Luo River yesterday, this corpse is not small. It is said to be a robber who has been murdered by the government. The more terrible thing is that he once stole a Taiping in Baima Temple. The golden bodhisattva donated by the princess, and the royal things dare to steal. It’s really daring!”

“This said that Di Daren surveyed the scene and found that he was killed after fighting, as if he wanted to rob others but he was killed by that person!”

“You guess who the report is, not that the person is a dog. The dog also helped Di Daren discover the golden bodhisattva hidden in the bottom of a small ship. I heard that it should be recognized as a righteous dog!”

“Is it still on the list?”

“Dai Daren is looking for the person who killed the robbers and said that he would reward him in public to show his destructive behavior for the people. There are still many bounty!”

“Dai Daren is not afraid of someone to take the lead?”

“Who is Di Daren? Even today’s sacred praises that ‘Di Gong’s case is really a man of God’, Di Daren will not think of this! Di Daren said that only the talents who belong to the robber and tell the story “”

Within two days, the streets and alleys seemed to have begun to spread this rumor, the story was added and the leaves were more and more bizarre.

In Di Fu, Ma Rong is anxiously pacing back and forth, and Qiao Tai’s inability to reach out and grab him.

“You are not turning, the sly person is dizzy!”

“Joe Big Brother, how can I not be anxious, do you say that adults can succeed?”

“When you have followed adults, how many times have you seen the wrong person!”

At this time, in the study, Di justice touched the head of the yellow dog. “Dog, no hurry, that person will come soon.” The yellow dog shook his tail.

“Adults, some people outside the government have asked to see and say that they are coming to receive the reward.”

“You see, this is not coming.”

There is a person standing outside the government gate, Jinyi Huafu, and a rigorous and sincere face. Although he is dressed as a businessman, he can’t see the state of rape. Ma Rong met not only muttered to himself, but also looked at the crimes and crimes. This is not like a master. Is he a murderer?

“Ma Rongdi Modo said, what do you want to do as a murderer? I have seen more people, benevolent and savage people. I have to say such childish words today. The grown-up is coming, and how adults can ask him. “

Di Gong’s handcuffs came to the outside of the government and smiled and smiled at the people around him. He carefully looked at the people in front of him. “Are you the same boat as the deceased?”

“The villain Zhang Zhongliang, it is the same person with the traitor, the Luohe flood, the villain’s life is struggling to stay on the boat, but one person who is seen in the water calls for help, the villain is good to save him on board. This person is deliberately speculative, not thinking about the villain’s life-saving grace, but because his own money is lost in the water, he played the idea of ​​the villain’s hard-earned money to buy and sell, and wanted to kill the villain’s life, thanks to the villain seeing him on the boat. His eyes flashed and he felt that he was not a good class. He secretly added caution. After he went ashore, he died. The villain knocked him down and panicked and left. He felt that the murder was uneasy, but he was afraid that he would tell the government that it was difficult to confess. I saw the old notice on the day before I dared to go to the house today to bring everything out and hope that the old court would forgive the crime. The old man, please see, this is the thing on the thief.”

“Is it.” Di Gong smiled and gently looked at the things that Zhang Zhongliang handed.

“Wang Wang” yellow dog suddenly rushed from the side to open his mouth to bite, was caught by Qiao Tai, Zhang Zhongliang glanced at the yellow dog, his face turned white.

“Zhang Zhongliang, since you should know this yellow dog, the official has checked the boat. The yellow dog should be on board with you. I will ask you, is it your dog or the dog of the deceased?”

“Returning to adults, it is not. If the trader buys a dog on the road, this animal is also rescued by the villain. The villain sees it rise and fall in the water. It is also a life saver. It is a ship.” The wildness is difficult to tame, but I don’t know how to be grateful, but I bite me a bit. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt the key points and I was beaten back by the oars. I’m not a good person. The dog I saved is also a wolf. It’s really sighing and sighing.”

“This story is very good, but what you are telling is not really except for one point. You did kill the dead with a paddle and repelled the yellow dog. The rest are lying.”

“Adult, what are you saying?”

“First of all, the things on the notice are fake, but in order to lead you to a trap, God is in trouble, the victims are everywhere, I know how to check them one by one, don’t give them a profit, you are a profitable figure. How can you show up? Secondly, your story should be reversed. When you lost all your money and lost your life in the big water, the dead on the boat found that you saved you and later saved it. This rhubarb dog is just sadly that people are not as good as dogs. You are single-minded in making money and life, and the yellow dog knows that this kind of salvation is going to be a fire.”

“Adult, adults, how do you marry a villain!”

“Being at you! After you escaped safely after landing in the water, the deceased was exhausted and walked in front of you, so you followed, so the footprints from the boat were one after the other, the footprints were big and small, the big ones were the dead. The small is yours, I have extended your footprint size, boots style, maybe you throw away the boots but as long as you find you are not difficult to find them, and the size of your feet is not what you can change You should be on the shore and hold the paddle. After hitting the dead, you will have his life. If you say that he wants to murder with you, he will turn around in front of you, and you will have a battle with him, but the scene The footsteps are not messy, and the footprints of the deceased don’t even have traces of backwards, so you can only kill him. When you search for the money of the deceased, the yellow dog rushes to bite off a placket on your clothes. You I opened the yellow dog and escaped the path into Luoyang City. You wanted to wait until the disaster happened, but I saw that the list stayed. Zhongliang, Zhongliang, looks like Zhongliang, but in fact, unfaithful, Mercy is the villain! You are I have already murdered the lives of others, but I have been greedy for the silver of the government. I have come to the net since I came here today. There is a saying that the people are not enough to swallow the elephant. It is the kind of person you are talking about!”

“Adult, this big water engulfed the villain’s entire family. The goods that the villain had shipped were already at the bottom of the Luohe River. The villain was even a problem when he returned to his hometown. The villain also lost his life in the water. After the villain was rescued, it was a last resort to see people and money, but there were still eighty in the villain…”

“The matter has come to this point. It is not helpful, let’s take it around!”

“Adult, in fact, this thing is really mysterious. If the yellow dog does not come to intercept the sedan, if the Zhongliang is not greedy to appreciate the silver, then the deceased is afraid that it will be a ghost.”

“Ma Rong, you have to remember that ‘the day is not trespassing’ is this!” Di Gong smiled and leaned down to pat the yellow dog’s head.

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