Three monks’ stories

Once upon a time there was a mountain. There was a broken temple on the mountain. One day, a little monk came to the temple and saw that the water tank in the temple had no water. He picked up the water and filled the water tank, and filled the Guanyin bottle. The water, the dry Yangzhi finally recovered its vitality. He picks water, chanting, and knocking on wooden fish every day. He doesn’t let mice steal things at night, and life is safe and comfortable.

Soon, a high monk came. He was very thirsty. When he got to the temple, he drank half of the water. The young monk asked him to pick the water. The high monk thought that it would be too much for a person to pick the water. He wanted the little monk to go with him to lift the water. So two people carried a bucket to go down the mountain to take water. When the water was lifted, the bucket had to be placed in the center of the pole. If it was not in the middle, the two people pushed and pushed, and no one wanted to give more strength.

Later, another fat monk came. He also wants to drink water, but there is no water in the tank. The young monk and the high monk let him pick it up. The fat monk picked up a bunch of water. When he put down the bucket, he immediately sipped and the two buckets of water were drunk.

Later, no one was going to pick the water. From then on, the three monks had no water to drink.

Everyone read each and every one, and each of the wooden fish, the water bottle in front of the Goddess of Mercy, no one added water, and the willow branches withered. In the night, the mice came out to steal things, and no one cares. As a result, the mouse knocked over the candlestick and ignited a fire. The monks panicked and the three monks struggled to fight the fire. The fire was extinguished and they awakened.

Since then, the three monks have worked together, and naturally there is water to drink.

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