Snake man

There are individuals in Dongjun, who make a living by playing snakes. He once tamed two snakes, all of them blue, and the big one was called Daqing, and the small one was called Qingqing. On the forehead of Erqing, there is a red dot, especially smart and tame, and it is unsatisfactory to direct it to hover. Therefore, the snake people love it more than other snakes.


After a year, Daqing died, and the snake man wanted to find another one to make up the vacancy, but he never looked after it. One night, he was boarding a monastery in the mountains. Tianming, open the bamboo box and see, Erqing is gone. The snake man was annoyed to death, and he searched for the call in the dark, and he never even saw a shadow. Every time I went to a place where the grass was rich, I put the snakes out and let them be free. I will return soon. For this reason, the snake man also hopes that he can come back and sit and wait. It was not until the sun rose high that he was desperate and he left unhappy.


Just a few steps away from the door, the snake man suddenly heard the sound of the hustle and bustle in the messy grass. He stopped and looked at him with amazement. It was Erqing who came back. The snake man is very happy, like a priceless treasure. Put the burden on the side of the road, and the second green stopped. Look at it behind, and follow a small snake. He stroked Erqing and said: “I thought you ran. Is that the little guy recommended by you?” Then he took out the feed to feed it, and also gave the snake some. Although the snake did not leave, but flinched there and did not dare to eat. Erqing used the mouth to feed it, as if the host was entertaining the guests. The snake man fed it again and it ate. After eating, the snake followed the second green into the bamboo box.


The snake man picked it up for training, and the snake circling and bending all meet the requirements, and there is not much difference with the second green. So give it the name Xiaoqing. The snake man took the two of them, and the four sides performed their skills and made a lot of money.


Generally, the snake snake juggling snakes, no more than two feet, and then too big, you have to replace one. Because the second green is very docile, the snake man did not immediately replace it. After another two or three years, Erqing had grown to more than three feet long. He was lying in the bamboo box and the bamboo box was full, so the snake man decided to let it go.


One day, the snake man came to Dongshanli, Luanchuan County, and took out the best food to feed Erqing. After blessing it, he put it. Two greens left, but they came back later, crawling around the bamboo box. The snake man waved it and said, “Let’s go! There is no banquet in the world for hundreds of years. From then on, you are invisible in the deep valley, and you will be able to practice as a dragon in the future. How can bamboo boxes live for a long time?” Leaving, the snake man watched it leave. But after a while, the second green came back. The snake man did not go to it. He also touched the bamboo box with his head. Xiaoqing kept moving in the bamboo box. The snake man suddenly realized: “Do you want to say goodbye to Xiaoqing?” Then he opened the bamboo box. Xiaoqing went straight out of the bamboo box, and Erqing spoke to it, as if they were talking to each other. Then the two snakes walked together. The snake man is thinking that Xiaoqing will not come back. After a while, Xiaoqing came back alone and climbed into the bamboo box and lay down.


Since then, the snake people are always looking for a new snake, but there has been no suitable. Xiaoqing also grew up and was not easy to perform. Later, the snake man got a snake and was very tamed, but it was not as good as Xiaoqing. At this time, Xiaoqing has grown thicker than the child’s arm.


Previously, Erqing was in the mountains, and people who fired wood often saw it. After a few more years, the two greens grew a few feet long, and the mouth of the bowl was so thick that they gradually came out to chase people. Therefore, pedestrians are warned against each other and dare not go from the road where they appear. One day, the snake man passed by, and a snake slammed out like a gust of wind. The snake man was frightened and ran hard. The snake is chasing more urgently. When he looked back, he was already catching up. Suddenly he saw a red dot on the head of the snake. Only then did he understand that this was Erqing. He put down his burden and shouted: “Two greens, two greens!” The snake stopped, and stood up for a long time, tangling the snakes in front of them, just like the previous performance. The snake man noticed that the second green did not harm him, but the body was too heavy, and he could not withstand it. I had to pray on the ground and prayed loudly, so Erqing let him go. Erqing used his head to touch the bamboo box. The snake man understood what it meant, and opened the bamboo box to release Xiaoqing. When the two snakes met, they immediately entangled and glued together like sugar, and they separated for a long time. The snake man blessed Xiaoqing and said, “I have long wanted to be separated from you. Today you have a companion.” He said to Erqing: “Xiaoqing was originally brought by you, and you can take it away. I will marry you again. If you are in the mountains, don’t miss your food and drink, don’t disturb the pedestrians, so as not to suffer the punishment of heaven.” The two snakes hang their heads, as if they accepted his advice, and immediately set off, two greens in front, Xiaoqing in the back. Wherever they passed, the trees and grasses were separated from each other and fell to both sides. The snake man stood there for a long time and looked away until he could not see it. From then on, the pedestrians passed through the same area as before, and they did not know where the two snakes went.

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