Legend has it that the famous doctor of Zheng Guo’s birth in the Spring and Autumn Period once broke such a mystery: In the early morning, he was riding in the car to go to the DPRK. After passing through a village, he heard the cry of a woman’s crying. He held the driver. The hand asked him to stop the car, listened carefully for a while, and informed the government to arrest the crying woman. The woman soon admitted the crime of hanging her husband by hand. After a few days, the driver asked how the child would know that the woman was a criminal? The child replied: “People will feel sad when their loved ones are sick, knowing that their loved ones will feel fear when they die, and they will feel sad when their loved ones die. The woman is crying. The dead husband, but her crying makes people feel that it is not sad but fear, so it must be a ghost inside.”

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