There is a countryman who sells pears at the market. The pear tastes very sweet, but the price is very expensive. There was a Taoist, wearing a broken headscarf, wearing a rotten robe, and reaching out to the countryman in front of the car. The countryman scolded him and he didn’t leave. The countryman was angry and shouted loudly. The Taoist said: “You have hundreds of pears in this car. You only want one of them. You don’t have much loss for you. Why do you want to send such a big temper?” The people who watched the country advised the countryman to take one. The good pears gave the old Taoist priests, and sent him away, and the countryman refused. A buddy in the roadside shop, seeing that they were too noisy, took out the money and bought a pear and gave it to the Taoist. The Taoist thanked and said to the crowd: “The monks don’t know what to cherish. I have good pears, please tasting.” Someone asked: “If you have pears, why not eat your own?” Taoist said: “I need this. The pear core is used as a seed.” So she took the pear and ate it.


After the Taoist ate the pear, put the nucleus in his hand, took off the small shovel on his shoulder, dug a few inches of deep pit on the ground, then put it into the pear core, covered the soil, and pointed the heat to the people nearby. Water is poured. The good guys brought a pot of boiling water to the roadside shop, and the Taoist took the boiling water and poured it into the pit. Everyone looked at it and saw a young bud sprouting out and growing up. After a while, it grew into a leafy tree. In the twinkling of an eye, the big, fragrant pears hang. Full of branches. The Taoist priest took the pear from the tree and distributed it to the onlookers. After a while, he ate up. Then, the Taoist slashed the tree with a shovel, and when the local slashed for a long time before cutting it. The Taoist priest put the pear tree with branches and leaves on his shoulders and left without hesitation.


At the beginning, when the Taoist acted as a trick, the countryman was also in the crowd, squinting at his neck and forgetting his own business. After the Taoist was gone, he came back to look at the pears in his car, but he had already lost one. He suddenly realized that the pears that the Taoist had just divided were his; and when you look closely, a handlebar is gone, and the mouth is newly cut. The countryman was very angry and hurried to chase the Taoist. Turning over a corner, I saw the cut handlebars thrown under the corner of the wall. Only then did I know that the pear tree that the Taoist priest had just cut was his handlebar, but the Taoist priest had already gone. People in the market are laughing and can’t close their mouths.

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