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Menglongtan in Jiangxi, and Zhujuren are living in the capital. They accidentally came to a monastery and saw the temple hall. They were not very spacious. Only one old man who stayed in the clouds stayed there. When I saw the guests entering the door, I arranged my clothes and greeted them, guiding them to visit the temple. In the hall, the hands and feet are shaped like a bird’s claw. The murals on the walls on both sides are very subtle, and the characters above are vivid. On the east wall, there are a lot of scattered flowers, and there is a girl in the middle of them. The flowers in the handcuffs are smiling, the little mouth of the cherry is like talking, and the eyes are like turning. Zhu Juren stared at her for a long time, and did not feel the shaking of her mind, suddenly immersed in the meditation of love.


Suddenly he felt his body fluttering, like driving a cloud, and he had already come to the mural. Seeing the halls and columns of the halls is no longer a human scene. There is an old man who preached the Dharma on the floor, surrounded by many monks around. Zhu Juren is also doped in standing. After a while, it seems that someone secretly took his clothes. Looking back, it turned out to be the girl who was hanging out, smiling and walking away. Zhu Juren immediately followed her. After the winding fence, the girl entered a small house, and Zhu Juren stopped to move forward. The girl turned around and raised the flowers in her hand, greeting him far away, and Zhu Juren followed. Seeing the silence in the house, he went to embrace the girl, and the girl did not resist, so she was intimate with her. Soon after the girl closed the door, she told me not to cough and make a move. She came again at night. After two days, the female companion found out that a piece of Zhuju was searched out and joked to the girl: “How old is the child in the abdomen, and want to learn to virgin?” They all brought earrings and urged her. Change into a young woman’s hairstyle. The girl is too shy to speak. A female companion said: “Sisters, we don’t want to stay here for a long time, I am afraid that people are not happy.” The girls went away with a smile. Zhu Juren looked at the girl, and the shape of the hair like a cloud was towering, and the phoenix phoenix was hanging down, which was more glamorous than when it was hanged. When he saw no one around, he gradually became close to the girl. The smell of orchid musk was irritating, and the two were immersed in joy.


Suddenly I heard the snoring of the violent leather boots, accompanied by the sound of the rope lock. Immediately, there was a voice of chaos and arguing. The girl was shocked and looked out secretly with Zhu Juren. She saw a man with a golden armor, a black face like a lacquer, a rope lock, and a big beggar. Many women surrounded him. The golden armor said: “Is it all?” The women replied: “It’s all over.” He added: “If there is a mortal hiding, you must immediately report it, don’t look for sin yourself!” : “No.” The golden armor reversed to look around like a fish eagle, like to search. The girl was very scared and scared to death. She was flustered and said to Zhu Juren: “Hurry to hide under the bed.” She opened the small door on the wall and fled, and Zhu Juren was kneeling under the bed. Dare to. Soon I heard the sound of the boots coming into the room and went out again. After a while, the noise of everyone gradually drifted away, and the feelings of Zhu Juren were a little more stable. However, there are always people outside the door who talk and talk. He had been stunned for a long time, feeling his ears screaming, his eyes burning, and he could hardly stand it. But only to listen quietly, waiting for the girl to return, no longer remember where I came from.


At that time, Meng Longtan was in the hall, and when he saw the Zhuju people in a blink of an eye, he asked the old man very strangely. The old man smiled and said: “Go and listen to the Dharma.” Meng Longtan asked: “Where is it?” The old man replied: “Not far.” After a while, the old man used his fingers to play the wall and called: “Zhu Shizhu has been playing for so long, why didn’t he return?” Immediately see the statue of Zhu Juren appeared on the mural. He stood on his side, as if he had heard it. The old man also called and said: “Your travel companion has waited for a long time.” Zhu Juren then fluttered down from the wall, standing up, and witnessing his weakness. Meng Longtan was shocked and asked him slowly. It turned out that Zhu Juren was just under the bed and heard the sound of the wall slamming, so he went out to listen to it. At this time, they look at the girl who is on the mural. It is already a high-pitched snail and no longer hangs. Zhu Juren was very surprised to salute the old man and asked him what was going on. The old man smiled and said: “The illusion is born from the heart, how can the poor be solved?” Zhu Juren is depressed and uncomfortable in his chest, and Meng Longtan is horrified in his heart. The two immediately got up and left, and went out to go.

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