Old man sticks

There is such a story in “Zhuangzi”: Once Confucius took his disciples to Chu, the road passed through a forest, and a hunchback old man in the woods was using bamboo rafts to know. He knows it very easily, just like knowing it on the ground. Confucius asked: Your action is really clever! Is there any doorway? The old man said: I do have my own way. After five or six months of practice, I will stack two balls in the hoe and not fall. This is a rare situation. I have folded three balls instead of Falling, the situation of losing the hand will not exceed ten times; stacking five balls without falling will be as easy as picking up on the ground. I set my body like a broken wooden stake, and my arm was like a branch of dead wood. Although the world is big and there are so many kinds of items, I concentrate on the wings of knowing. I never think about it, look around, and never change my attention to the flaps because of all kinds of things. Why can’t I succeed? Finally, Confucius turned around and said to his disciple: “To concentrate on your ambitions, you can practice your skills to the point of fascination. This is what the hunchback old man said.”

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