There was a man named Zhang who suddenly died and followed the ghost to see the king. When Wang Wang took the book of life and death, he reprimanded the ghost and made the wrong person. He ordered him to be sent back. The surnamed Zhang went down to the palace of the king, privately asked the ghosts to ask him to take him to visit and visit the city. Ghosts led him through nine layers of hell, and Knife Hill and Sword Tree pointed out to him one by one. Finally, I went to a place where I saw a monk hanging upside down on the thigh and screaming to death. When I came closer, it was his brother. The surname Zhang’s meeting was very scary. He asked the ghost to make: “What crime can you commit to this point?” The ghost said: “This monk is raising money everywhere for him to gamble, so he is punished. To get rid of this crime Must be rehabilitated.”


After the surname Zhang’s wake up, he suspected that his brother was dead, and went to his brother’s monk’s Xingfu Temple to inquire. When I entered the door, I heard someone crying. When I entered the house, I saw my brother licking sores, pus and bloodstains, and hanging upside down on the wall, just like what I saw in Yin Cao. He was shocked to ask what was going on, and his brother said: “Hanging can still be tolerated, or you will suffer from heart and lungs.” Surnamed Zhang told his brother that everything he saw in Yin Cao, his brother was really scared. From then on, he abstained from alcohol, gambling, and swearing, reading the scriptures devoutly. After half a month, the body is good. Since then, he has become a shackle.

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