The scholar, Xue Xueyan, is a descendant of Kong Shengren. He is a man of generosity and is good at making poetry. He has a friend who is in the county magistrate in Zhejiang, and asks him to go. Kong Sheng was invited to go, and the county magistrate just passed away. He was wandering and unconcerned, and he was poor and could not return home. He had to live in the Bodhisattva Temple and was hired by the temple to transcribe the scriptures.


In the west of the Putuo Temple, there is a hundred steps away, and there is a house of Mr. Shan’s house. Mr. Shan is a child of the family. Because he had a big lawsuit, his family was declining, his population was few, and he moved to the country to live. This house was free. One day, the snow was flying, and there were no pedestrians on the road. Kong Sheng accidentally passed through a single doorway and saw a young boy coming out from the inside. His appearance was beautiful and his manners were elegant. When the teenager saw Kong Sheng, he came over to salute him. After a little greeting, he invited him to speak at home. Kong Sheng liked him very much and was very happy to enter the door with him. Seeing that the house is not too spacious, there are brocades hanging everywhere, and many ancient calligraphy and paintings are hung on the walls. There is a book on the desk, the title of the cover is “Writing”. He flipped through it and the content was never seen before.


Kong Sheng saw that the teenager lived in this house, thinking that he was the master of a single family, and he no longer asked his family of surnames. The teenager asked Kong Sheng’s experience in detail, and he sympathized with him and advised him to set up a library to teach. Kong Sheng sighed: “Who can I recommend me to those who are living outside?” The teenager said: “If you don’t dislike me, I am willing to worship you as a teacher.” Kong Sheng was overjoyed, he didn’t dare to be a teenager teacher, ask him. Treat each other as friends. Then I asked the teenager, “Why is your family shutting down the door?” The boy replied: “This is a single house. It used to be a single son to live in the country, so I have been idle for a long time. My surname is Huangfu, my ancestors lived in Shaanxi. Because The house was burned by wildfire, and it was here to settle down here.” Kong Sheng knew that the boy was not the master of a single family. That night, the two talked and laughed, very happy, the young man left Kong Sheng and he slept in bed.


Early the next morning, a small book boy entered the house to have a charcoal fire. The teenager first got up and entered the house, and Kong Sheng sat in the bed around the quilt. The book boy said: “Tai Gong is coming.” Kong Sheng was shocked and hurried to get up. A white-haired old man came in and thanked Confucius with eagerness to say: “Mr. I don’t want to abandon my foolish boy, I am willing to teach him to study. He only learned to read and write, please don’t treat him as a friend because of his relationship.” After that, send a set of brocade clothes, a pair of suede hats, shoes and socks. The old man saw that Confucius had finished grooming, so he ordered to serve the wine. The tables and chairs in the room and the dresses worn by people are dazzling, and I don’t know what it is made of. After a few patrols, the old man got up and left, and put on a cane.


After eating the meal, the Emperor Gongzi sent the lessons he had learned, all of which were ancient poetry. There was no eight-part essay at the time. Kong Sheng asked him why, the son smiled and replied: “I am not trying to get fame.” In the evening, the son put on the wine and said: “Tonight, enjoy the drink, tomorrow will not allow this.” Tong said: “Look at Taigong sleeping? If you sleep, you can quietly call Xiangnu.” The book boy went to the embroidered pouch and brought it back. After a while, a maid came in, dressed in red, very beautiful. The son asked her to play the song “Xiangfu”. Xiangnu used the ivory dial to slap the strings. The melody provoked the mourning, and the beat was not as heard before. Let her drink a large glass of wine, the two have been drinking until three more talents.


The next day, the two got up early to study together. The son is very intelligent and has a good reputation. Two or three months later, it was written and written, which is amazing. They are scheduled to drink once every five days, and every time they drink, they must be called Xiangnu. One night, when he was half drunk, Kong’s eyes were fixed on the incense. The son has already understood his mind and said: “This maid is raised by the old father. You are far away from home and have no wife. I have been planning for you day and night for a long time. I want to find a beautiful wife for you.” Sheng said: “If you really want to help me, you must find something like Xiangnu.” The son said with a smile: “You really become a ‘rare and blame’ person, if you think that the incense is beautiful, then Your wish is too easy to satisfy.”


After more than half a year, Kong Sheng thought of going to the countryside to play. When he reached the gate, he saw the lock on the outside of the two door panels. He asked the son what the reason was. The son said: “My father is afraid to make some friends to disturb the mood, so he will close the door and thank the guests.” After Confucius heard about it, he would be relieved.


At the time of the hot summer season, they moved the study to the garden pavilion. On the chest of Kong Sheng, a sore-like sore was suddenly swollen. After a night, he grew up like a bowl. He was so painful and unstoppable. The son visited him on the eve of the night and couldn’t even eat and sleep. After a few more days, Kong Sheng was even more painful and could not eat or drink. Taigong also came to visit, and the father and son were relatively sighing. The son said: “I thought about the day before yesterday, the condition of the gentleman, only the sister of Jiaona can be treated. Has sent someone to the grandmother’s house to call her, how has it not been so long?” Just finished, the book boy said: ” Nagu arrived, and her aunt and Songgu also came together.” Father and son rushed into the house. At a glance, the son led his sister Jiao Na to see Kong Sheng. Jiao Na is about 13 years old, glamorous and intelligent. When Kong Sheng saw her beauty, she forgot about it, and the spirit was a cool one. The son said to his sister: “This is my good friend. We are no less than our brothers. My sister should heal him.” Jiaona then put away her shame, hanging her long sleeves and leaning on the bed for Kong Sheng. Diagnose the condition. Between the hands and the hands, Kong Sheng smelled that the fragrance of Jiaona was better than the orchid. Jiao Na said with a smile: “It should be the disease, the heart is moving. Although the condition is critical, but it can be healed; only the skin sore block has been condensed, non-cutting meat can not be cut.” The gold bracelet was placed in the affected area of ​​Kong Sheng and slowly pressed down. The scabs protrude more than an inch, higher than the gold bracelet, and the red and swollen parts of the sore roots are collected in the bracelet, unlike the previous as large as a bowl. Jiaona used another hand to pick up her clothes and undress the knife. The blade is thinner than paper. She held the knife in one hand and gently cut it along the root of the sore. Purple blood flowed down the knife and stained the bed. Kong Sheng is eager for the beauty of Jiao Na. Not only does she feel pain, but she is afraid that she will cut it early and she will not be able to spend more time with her. After a short time, the rotten meat on the sore was cut off, and the round group was like a tumor that had been cut off from the tree. Jiaona also called the water to wash the cut wounds. Then spit out a red pill from the mouth, the size of the projectile, put it on the flesh of the cut, and rotate it by hand. Only after a round, Kong Sheng felt the heat transpiration; another round, he felt itching; after three rounds, it was already cool and penetrated into the bone marrow. Jiaona put away the red pill and put it back in her mouth and said, “It’s cured!” Then he walked away. Kong Sheng jumped up and chased the door and thanked him. He felt that the long-term illness seemed to be gone all at once. However, my heart is worried about the beauty of Jiaona, and I can no longer control myself.


From then on, I was so closed that I was bored. The son has already seen his heart and said: “I have been looking for you for a long time, and finally chose a good girl.” Kong Sheng asked: “Who is it?” The son replied: “It is also my relative.” Kong Sheng I have been thinking for a long time, just saying: “Not necessary.” Then facing the wall 吟诵 Yuan Zhen’s poem: “It used to be difficult for the sea, except Wushan is not a cloud.” The son learned his meaning. Said: “My father admires your talents and often wants to be a marriage. It’s just that I have only one young girl, Jiao Na, who is too young. I still have a cousin, A Song, who is 18 years old and looks good. If you don’t believe it, Song cousin will come to the garden pavilion every day. You wait in the front room, you can see her.” Kong Sheng said to the son according to the son, and really saw Jiaona and a beautiful woman came together. This woman’s thrush is like a silkworm moth’s tentacles, and the slim feet are wearing crested embroidered shoes, which is difficult to distinguish with Jiaona. When Confucius was overjoyed, he asked the son to be a medium.


The next day, the son came out from the inner house and congratulated Confucius: “Things are done.” So I cleaned another yard and held a wedding for Kong Sheng. On this night, the drums rang and the music was unusual. Kong Sheng felt that the fairy in the moon suddenly came to sleep with him, and he doubted that the Guanghan Palace was in front of him. Not necessarily above the sky. After getting married, Kong Sheng was very satisfied.


One night, the son said to Kong Sheng: “You will never forget the guidance of my growth knowledge. It is only recently that the single son has come back to the lawsuit and asked for the house. It is very urgent. My family wants to leave this place. It seems that it is very difficult. It’s very uncomfortable to get together, so Kong’s willingness to follow his family west. The son advised him to return to his hometown of Shandong, and Kong Sheng felt very embarrassed. The son said: “Without worry, you can send it away immediately.”


Not long after, the Taigong led Song Niang to come and took out one hundred and two gold gifts to Kong Sheng. The son stretched out his hands and held the hands of the couple, and the two closed their eyes and did not look. They floated in the air, only to feel the wind whistling in their ears. After a long time, the son said: “It is here.” Kong Sheng opened his eyes and saw that he returned to his hometown. Only then did I know that the son is not a human being. He is happy to open the door. The mother was unexpected and saw beautiful daughter-in-law, and the whole family was very happy. When I look back, the son has long since disappeared. Song Niang is very filial to her mother, and her beauty and virtuous reputation are far and near.


Later, Kong Sheng took the exam and was awarded the post of Yan’an, and took the family to take office. His mother did not go together because of the road. Matsui gave birth to a boy named Xiao Xiao. Kong Sheng was later dismissed for offending the imperial history and was prevented from returning to his hometown. Once he accidentally went hunting in the suburbs and met a beautiful teenager. He rode a black horse and looked back at him. Kong Sheng looked carefully and turned out to be the emperor. Hurry to receive Lema, the two recognized each other, sorrow and joy. The son invited Kong Sheng to go home with him. They walked to a village with dense trees and shade. Into the son of the family, see the door is decorated with golden foam nails, like the family. Kong Sheng asked the current situation of Jiao Na’s sister, knowing that she had been married; she also knew that her mother-in-law had passed away, and she was very sad. He stayed for a night and returned with his wife. At this time, Jiaona also came. She took the son of Kong Sheng and played with her. He said, “My sister has messed up my family.” Kong Sheng thanked her previous grace, and Jiao Na smiled: “Brother Expensive, sore mouth is already good, have not forgotten pain?” Her husband Wu Lang, also came to see. Stayed here for two nights before leaving.


One day, the Emperor Gongzi suddenly brought a sad look and said to Kong Sheng: “Can you save the disaster?” Although Kong Sheng did not know what was going to happen, he immediately said that he was willing to take it. The son hurried out to greet the whole family and arranged to worship at the church. Kong Sheng was amazed and asked questions. The son said: “We are not human beings, but foxes. Today there are thunders and catastrophes. If you are willing to resist, we will be able to survive; otherwise, please take your children away, so as not to let you suffer.” Kong Sheng swears Living together with the son of the family. So the son asked Kong Sheng to stand at the door of the sword, and he said: “Hey bombardment, don’t move!” Kong Sheng said according to the son. Sure enough, see the clouds overcast, white as night, dark. Looking back at the place where I lived, the large house was gone, there was only one tall tomb, and there was a big cave with no bottom. When the time was amazed, a loud noise slammed the mountain; the storm swelled and the old trees were pulled out. Although Kong Sheng felt stunned, he still stood there and motionless. In the dark mist of smoke, I saw a monster with a ghost, a long claw, and grabbed a person from the deep hole, as the smoke rose. Kong Sheng glanced at the clothes and shoes of the man and felt like Jiaona. Rushing up in a hurry, stabbed the monster with a sharp sword, and fell a hand. Suddenly another explosion of thunder burst, Kong Sheng was shocked to the ground, and even passed out.


After a while, the sky was clouded, and Jiaona slowly woke up. When she saw Kong Sheng’s death, she cried and said, “Kong Lang died for me, why am I still alive!” Song Niang also came out of the cave and carried Confucius back together. Jiaona let Song Niang hold the head of Kong Sheng, let the son use the gold plaque to open the teeth of the hole; she licks the cockroach of Kong Sheng with her own hands, and sends the red pill in the mouth to his mouth with her tongue. Breathing in the mouth and mouth. The red pill screamed as the gas entered the throat of the hole. After a while, Kong Sheng actually woke up. Seeing relatives are in front of them, as if waking up in a dream. So a family reunion, no longer panic, very happy.


Kong Sheng believes that the tomb can not live for a long time, and proposes to let everyone go back to his hometown with him. The full house people pay tribute, only Jiaona is not happy. Kong Sheng asked her to go with Wu Lang, and Jiao Na was afraid that her in-laws would not leave the young child and did not discuss the results throughout the day. Suddenly I saw a small servant of the Wu family, sweating and coming to breathlessly. Everyone panicked and asked him again and again, only to know that Wu Lang’s family was suffering on the same day, and the whole family died. Jiao Na heard that she was sad and crying. Everyone comforted her. Until then, everyone decided to go with Confucius’s plan to return to his hometown. Kong Sheng went into the city for a few days, and when he came back, he urged to organize the clothes.


After returning to his hometown, Kong Sheng gave his own abandoned garden to the emperor’s family. He usually locked the gate of the garden; only Kong Sheng and Song Niang came to open the door. Kong Sheng is with the son, Jiaona brother and sister, playing chess, drinking, talking, gathering, intimate like a family. The son of Kong Sheng grew up, looks good, and has a fox look. He went to the city to play, and everyone knew that he was the son of a fox.

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