In the ear

Tan Jinxuan is a scholar in the county. He is very convinced that a qigong technique, practice every day, does not stop in winter and summer. After practicing for several months, I feel that I have some gains. One day, he was sitting cross-legged and heard a small voice in his ear, like a fly, saying, “Can you see?” He blinked and could no longer hear. He closed his eyes again, listened to his breath, and heard the voice of Fang. He thought: This may be that the work has been done, and my heart is secretly happy.

From then on, he sat down and listened to it every day. He thought, when he talked in his ear, he should promise and blink to see what it is. One day, I heard the little voice that “can you see?” and he whispered, “I can see.” Soon I felt a squeaky voice in my ear, like something crawling out. He slowly opened his eyes and peeked, and he saw a little man, three inches tall, his face was ugly, and his ugliness was like a yak, turning on the ground. He was secretly surprised, thinking that no matter what, let me see what changes he had. I was watching, and I heard someone from the neighbors borrowing things to call the door. After the little man heard it, he looked very scared and turned around in the house. Tan Xiucai also felt that his mind was unclear, like a lost soul, and he did not know where the villain went. Then he got madness and cried. The family asked him to take medicine for him. After he had been cured for half a year, he gradually got better.

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