Sun Taibai once said such a thing. His great-grandfather used to study at Liugou Temple in Nanshan. He went home at the time of Maiqiu and returned to the temple after ten days. Sun Gong opened the door where he lived. Seeing that the table was full of dust, there was a spider web on the window, and the servant cleaned it. I feel refreshed at night and can rest and rest. So he swept the bed, spread the bedding, and closed the door to sleep.


At this time, the moonlight was full of windows. He was lying in bed and turning back and forth for a long time. He didn’t fall asleep, and felt that everything was silent. Suddenly I heard the wind whistling, the mountain gate was blown by the wind and jingle, and Sun Gong thought that the monk might not have closed the door. He was thinking about it, the wind gradually approached the house, and when the door was closed, the door was also scratched. He was even more suspicious. He also imagined what was going on. The wind had entered the house, accompanied by the sound of boots, and gradually approached the door of the bedroom. At this time, he was afraid of it. When the door opened, he hurriedly looked at it. A big ghost bowed his body and stood in front of the bed. His head almost touched the beam. His face was like an old melon skin. His eyes were shining and he looked around the house. Open mouth like a large mouth, teeth are sparse, more than three inches long. Wow, wow, and the voice shook on the wall.


Sun Gong is terrified, and he is thinking that in this small house, it is bound to be unable to escape. It is better to fight with it. So secretly went to the sabre under the pillow, slammed out to the big ghost, was cutting its belly, making a sound like a stone. The ghost was furious and stretched out his claws to catch him. Sun Gong shrunk slightly and was caught by the ghost and squatted. Sun Gong fell to the ground with the quilt and screamed on the ground. The family came with a torch and saw that the door was still closed. As before, they had to push open the window. When everyone saw his grandson, everyone was surprised. He was carried to the bed and he said everything before and after. Check it together and see the quilt caught in the doorway of the bedroom. Open the door and use the torch to check, see the claw marks, as big as the cockroaches, where the five finger claws are penetrated wherever they are. Tianming, Sun Gong no longer dared to stay here, so he picked up the book box and went home. Later, I asked the monks in the temple, and they said that no more unusual things happened.

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