Gold bottle

During the Ming Dynasty’s Chenghua years, once the emperor held the southern suburbs ceremonial ceremony, when the ceremonial device was withdrawn, he suddenly found a gold bottle missing. When the court was held accountable, it was said that a chef had worked in the golden bottle, so he was arrested and imprisoned. The cook had to confess to himself because he could not withstand the torture. But when asked about the whereabouts of the golden bottle, he made a mess to say that it was buried somewhere in front of the altar. He sent people to the place he said to dig, and the result was not found. In this way, he had to be imprisoned, and he was tried for three days. He was forced to give it for five days and eventually died. Soon, the real thief thought that the case was over, and he took the gold chain from the original bottle and went to the market to sell it. The purchaser suspected that the rare treasures were unknown, and reported the government. The official took the man to the first instance and asked him that he was a guardian in the palace. The guards confessed: “I stole the gold bottle and there was no place to bury it in a hurry. I buried it somewhere in front of the altar. Now I just twisted the gold chain on the bottle.” The government sent people to the altar. Digging the ground, I found a gold bottle. And the location and the location that the chef provided indiscriminately, only a few inches away! If the scope of the previous excavation is slightly enlarged, then the chef’s sensation may never be cleared. I remembered that the last time the son of the buddy was detained, that is, the bribery of the horse-bearing servant standing next to it, this will cause the commander’s suspicion, but in fact, it is so difficult to interrogate the thief!

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