Tai Shi Tang Jiwu, went to Rizhao to bury a person named An. After passing through the sacred god “Li Zuo 祠”, he went in and visited. There is a pool in front of the pool. The pool water is crystal clear. There are several red fish swimming in peace. One of the slanting tails swims on the water to eat, and people are not afraid. Tang Jiwu picked up a small stone and wanted to play it. A Taoist hurriedly stopped. Tang Jiwu asked about the reason, the Taoist said: “The fish in the pool are all dragons, and playing it will lead to the wind.” Tang Jiwu sings the Taoist priest too to wear a chisel, not listening to his words, or hit the fish.


After coming out of the village, Tang Jiwu continued to drive east to go. In a short while, a black cloud, like a lid, was placed on top of Tang Jiwu’s head, and as he walked forward, the cotton-sized hail fell. Going a long way, the genius is clear. Tang Jiwu, the younger brother of Tang Jiwu, walked behind and chased his brother to ask, Tang Jiwu did not know that he had been hail; he asked the people who were in front of them and said no. Tang Jiwu said with a smile: “Is this Guangwu Jun doing it!” I haven’t felt a bit strange in my heart.


Outside the Anjia Village of Rizhao, there is a sacred sacred priest. A small trader is putting a burden on the outside of the squatting door. He suddenly throws two scorpions and goes straight into the shackles. He unplugs the big knife on the shelf and says, “I am Li Zuo, tomorrow, will accompany Tang Jiwu of Luanchuan to help the family to bury, first to sing the master. “When you finish, you will wake up, do not know what you said, and do not know who Tang Jiwu is. When I was aware of the family, I was very scared. The village was over 40 miles from Guan Sheng. I hurriedly prepared the sacrifices and mourned and prayed in the temple. I only asked for mercy and pity.


After Tang Jiwu arrived, it was strange that Anjia worshipped Li Zuoqi and asked the owner. The master said: “The gods have always been the most spiritual. They often speak by the mouth of a living person. No one is not effective. If you don’t pray to stop him, then tomorrow. There is a big wind here.”

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