Forged post-mortem injury

In Hechi County, Guangxi, there is a landlord named Yu Yucheng, who is rich in family wealth, but he is anomalous. His wife, Bao Shi, is difficult for her family. She often wants to help her family. Yu Yucheng does not agree. Therefore, Bao Shi secretly sent a long-term worker from his family to send some food, salt and salt to his family. Unexpectedly, this series of ups and downs used this to intimidate Bao’s adultery with him. Bao’s did not know and did not dare to speak to her husband. In the winter, Yu Yucheng brought Lianzong to various tenant’s homes to collect rents. One day, he rented a house at the Seto family. This rank is a cousin of Lianzong, so he was especially entertained and prepared a banquet. Everyone was drunk and half drunk. Yu Yucheng showed off his knowledge and talked about the scent of the human body. He said: “There are sorrows on the side of the woman’s genitals. They are rich and rich.” Lian Zong thinks that there is a big near the pussy of Bao’s. Hey, after the drink, spit the truth, saying: “Your lady has a sputum on the yin side, it really is a rich family.” Yu Yucheng listened, hated in the heart, but pretending not to hear. When I got home, I asked my wife, and Bow had to tell the reason. Yu Yucheng had some legal knowledge and said: “This is a ‘smuggle’. According to the official law, the woman who was raped has no crimes. I am going to kill Lianzong tonight, and another wife, you can only be reduced to a beggar. ”


One night, Yu Yucheng asked Bao’s to prepare a dish, please drink it. After drunken Lianzong, Yu Yucheng tied the sect to the big bench with hemp rope, and tied his mouth with a damp cloth. He slashed a hole under the threat of Lianzong with a sharp knife, while pouring water with boiling water. , the wound is burnt white, not seeing the bleeding. When the Lianzong died, he untied the rope and threw it into his sleeping bed. The next day, someone was sent to inform Lian Zong’s younger brother, Lian Yu, that Lianzong had died of a stroke. Lian Yu called the cousin to go to collect the corpse, and the rank of the sect said that the “master mother” had a sinister affair on Lian Yu. The two paid special attention to the corpse, and they found that there was a threat. Scars, so immediately went to the county to report to the case.


The county’s Huangzhi County came to the inspection and found that there was a wound under the threat, but the meat was dry and white, and there was no blood. Huang Zhixian took out the “Washing Record” and pointed it to the three people of Lian Yu, Zhi Zhi, Yu Yucheng, and said: “The book is very clear. ‘Where the blade is wounded, there is blood juice, and the wound is wounded. Blood shade, four sides of the wound more bloody fresh color. If you cut the wound with a blade after the death, the meat color is dry white, more bloodless. Covered with blood after death, it is not white, but also the meat color white. It is fatal, but the scars are white, and it is definitely the two of you who took the wound after the corpse to get rid of it.” The rank is anxious, and quickly explained the day after the singer said that Bao’s yin is awkward. When he sued Yu Yucheng, he suspected that his wife and Lianzong had committed adultery, so he killed Lianzong. Asked the county magistrate to send Bao’s confrontation. However, Yu Yucheng argued: “The wife of our rich family must not be humiliated by the trial in the door. They accuse this, that is, the ugliness of my wife. This is difficult to prove, and it can be explained as evidence. These two people are really traitors.” This Huangzhi County is also a no-brainer, reprimanding Lianyu and supporting the ranks, saying: “You two slaves are completely ignorant of the law. If it is adultery with the mother, this is a sect. The sin of the smashing sin is now alive. It is only true that this scar is true or false, regardless of whether there is an improper relationship.” The order will be used to fight the 20 boards as a “pick up”, and Lian Yu also hits 20 boards. It is determined that it is an “obscenity”. Both people will be sentenced to imprisonment, and they will also pay Yu Yucheng three years of rent as a gift. Yu Yucheng was acquitted.

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