Catching fox

Sun Lao Weng, the uncle of my family Sun Qingfu, has always been very gutsy. During the day, he was lying down and feeling as if something had climbed into the bed, and then he felt his body swaying like a cloud. He thought in his heart, was it stunned by the fox? Then he sneaked and peeked quietly, seeing a thing as big as a cat, a yellow hair, but with a green mouth, slowly crawling from the feet. It squirmed gently, as if it was afraid of awakening the old man. After a while, I posted it on Sun’s body, rubbing my feet and ankles; leaning my legs and legs. When it had just climbed to the abdomen, Sun Laozi suddenly sat up, slammed it down, caught it, and grabbed its neck with both hands. It screams eagerly, but can’t break free.


Sun Laowen hurriedly shouted his wife, tied his waist with a rope, tightened the two ends of the rope, and said with a smile: “I heard that you are good at change, today I am staring at you here, seeing how you change.” It suddenly shrank his stomach like a thin tube and almost took off the rope to escape. Sun Laowen was shocked and hurriedly tightened the rope. But it bulged again, as thick as a bowl, and never let go. Sun’s strength was slightly loose, and it shrank again.


Sun Laowen was afraid that it would run, and asked his wife to take the knife and kill it. The old lady looked around in panic, but she didn’t know where the knife was. Sun Laowen shook his head to the left, showing the position of the knife. When I look back, there is only one empty rope cover in my hand, and the fox has disappeared.

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