Burning pig card death

In the sentence county of Wu State (the village is located in the southeast of Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province today), a wife murdered her husband, and then set fire to the house, saying that her husband was burned to death. Because the relationship between the husband and wife has been very tense, the relatives of the husband are very skeptical that the wife killed her husband and burned the dead, and went to the local door to report. The sentence county magistrate Zhang Zhang accepted the case and interrogated the wife, and the wife refused to admit it. Zhang Juren will buy two live pigs, kill one first, then shut the dead and live two pigs in a shack that is full of firewood and set fire to the house. Wait until the pig is dead, and drag it out for inspection. The pig that was killed first had no soot in the mouth; and the pig that burned alive, the soot could be found in the mouth. Then the husband’s body was examined and found to have no soot in his mouth, indicating that he was burned after he died. That wife pleaded guilty.

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