Changshan County has an old man, surnamed An, and likes farming. One autumn, his buckwheat was cooked and cut to the ground. For fear of thieves stealing crops in neighboring villages, the old man ordered the Seto to be transported to the scene with the moonlight. After the tenants loaded the car and pushed away, he left the crops that had not been transported away, with a spear on his head, lying on the ground in the open air, resting with a small closed eyes.


Suddenly he heard someone walking along the buckwheat roots and squeaking. He thought that there might be a thief, and he looked up and saw a big ghost. He was more than a mile tall, with red hair and a beard. He had already walked in front of him. An old man was very scared. He couldn’t wait for another way. He jumped up and smashed with a spear. The ghost shouted, like thunder, and then disappeared. When he was afraid that the ghost would return, he would pick up the spear and return to the village. Halfway through the road, I met the tenants, and the old man told them what they had just told me and told them not to go any more. Everyone still has little to believe.


On the second day, the buckwheat was on the field and suddenly heard the sound in the air. An old man was shocked and shouted: “The ghost is coming!” He yelled and ran, and everyone followed. After a while, nothing happened and they came back. An old man is going to prepare some bows and arrows and wait for the ghosts to come. After another day, the ghosts came again, and the people were scared and the ghosts were scared away. I have not come back for two or three days.


After the buckwheat was sunburned, it entered the warehouse, and there were still wheat straw on the field. The old man ordered the tenants to collect and pile up into a skeleton. He used his foot on the dome. When he was a few feet high, he suddenly looked at the distance and shouted at the distance: “The ghost is coming.” When everyone was rushing to find the bow and arrow, the ghost had already been to the old man, and the old man fell on the shackle and sneered at him. The forehead went away. When everyone went to see him, the forehead of the old man had been sneaky and went to the big piece of flesh in the palm of his hand. The old man was unconscious and he was carrying him home, and he soon died. The monster didn’t come back later, and no one knew what the monster was.

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