Biting ghost

Shen Linsheng said: A friend of his class, in the summer nap, squatting, see a woman blind curtain into the house, wrapped in white cloth on the head, dressed in mourning clothes, actually went to the inner room. The old man thought that it might be that the neighboring women came to find their wife. But another thought, why do you wear unlucky clothes to go to people’s homes? In doubt, the woman has stepped out of the back room. He took a closer look. The woman was about thirty years old, her face was yellow and swollen, her eyebrows were not stretched, and her look was terrible. The woman hesitated and did not leave, gradually approaching the bed of the old man. The old man pretended to fall asleep and see what was going to happen.


Not long after, the woman wore clothes on the bed and pressed on the belly of the old man. The old man felt a few hundred pounds. Although I understand everything in my heart, I want to raise my hand, and my hand is tied. If I want to lift my foot, my foot can’t move. I was so anxious to cry for help, and I couldn’t make a sound. Then, the woman sniffed his face with his mouth, licking his nose, nose, eyebrows, and forehead. The old man felt that her mouth was as cold and cold. He was in a hurry and wanted to bite her while she was smelling the side. Not many meetings, I really smelled the side, the old man violently bite her cheekbone, the teeth bite into the flesh. The woman felt painful and wanted to leave quickly. She struggled and cried. But the more the old man bites hard, the intuition of blood flowing through his cheeks and soaking the pillow.


While the two sides are struggling, I heard the voice of the wife in the yard. The old man yelled: “There are ghosts!” A loose mouth, the woman has fled. The wife ran into the room and saw nothing, laughing at him and having a nightmare. The old man said this strange thing in detail, and said that there is blood on the pillow as evidence. The two looked at it, and there was something like the water leaking from the house, and the pillows and mats were wet. I sniffed and sniffed. The old man was so disgusted that after a few days, there was a residual smell in his mouth.

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