1 thrush bird, killing 5 lives

In the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou had a famous bird-loving person called “Shen Bird.” The bird’s favorite thrush bird, however, triggered a thousand-year-old case called “Shen Bird’s Thrush”.


On one occasion, the sinking bird inadvertently got the thrush bird that had been singing very much, and often brought the bird to the market to show off, which attracted everyone to envy.


Later, there was a businessman who claimed to be Huizhou, who wanted to buy his thrush with silver twelve.

According to the price at that time, I bought a thrush bird with silver twelve, which is already a “high price” bird.

The sinking bird is a person who loves birds. He doesn’t care about his silver one or two. No matter who pays, he doesn’t sell it.

The husband is not guilty and bears his sin. There are countless dignitaries who buy the thrush bird from the sinking bird, because he does not sell it, and he has offended many people.


The sinking bird often goes to Hangzhou West Lake with his thrush bird, but once he was calculated by someone. When the bird came to the West Lake, he suddenly noticed a stomachache, so he was just seen by his neighbors, and his neighbors helped him to go back to find his family.


Just as the Shen family arrived, the sinking bird became a cold headless corpse lying on the ground, and the head and the thrush were missing.

The Shen family saw a knife next to the body of the sinking bird, and this knife was commonly used by carpenters in the carpenter shop at West Lake. So the Shen family went to Tuen Mun to report the case, and the carpenter was caught by the door.


The county magistrate in Tuen Mun was indiscriminate. After the carpenter was arrested, he was identified as the murderer and he was thrown into the prison. After some torture, the carpenter couldn’t help it anymore, but he was forced to do so.


The county magistrate asked where the head of the sinking bird was, and the carpenter said that he was thrown into the West Lake. However, the county magistrate sent a few days in the West Lake to salvage for a few days, did not find the head of the sinking bird, so they issued a reward order.


A few days later, the two brothers who often fished in the West Lake sent a skull to Tuen Mun. However, this skull has a vague face and it is impossible to tell who it is. The county magistrate rushed to the prefect, and then decided that this was the head of the sinking bird, and the grass was the end of the case. The carpenter was sentenced to death, and the two brothers who had fished also returned home with a bounty.


After a few more years, Shen’s neighbor went to Suzhou to do business. When the neighbor was in Suzhou, he accidentally saw a thrush bird, which was very similar to the sinking bird.


So the neighbor asked the hawker who was playing thrush, where the bird came from. The hawker said it was bought from a Hangzhou man. The neighbors thought about it, Hangzhou people, thrush birds, isn’t this a sinking bird?

After returning to Hangzhou, the neighbors told Shen about this. The Shen family found the hawker and asked him where the bird came from. He said that he was picked up. The two statements were different, which made the Shen family suspicious, and then reported to Tuen Mun.


As soon as the hawker went to Tuen Mun, he was so scared that the county magistrate had not asked, and he recruited it one by one. The hawker said that he had killed the sinking bird, grabbed his thrush, and threw his head into a tree hole.

Following the clues provided by the hawkers, the county magistrate found the head of the sinking bird. This question is coming again. Whose heads brought by the two brothers who fished?


Under the persecution of the county magistrate, the two brothers who fought fishing were also frank, saying that they were the heads of their fathers, and they were trying to defraud the bounty. So the county magistrate, both the hawkers and the two brothers who killed the fish were executed.

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